Katy Perry ready to release her new song ‘Bon Apetit’ this week

Katy perry

Katy Perry has announced her new single “Bon Appetit”. This song is a collaboration with Migos and will be released this week.

It was confirmed directly through her social media account. Katy Perry uploaded a cover art featuring the hands of the three members of the Atlanta rapper. They were seen picking up the fruit from a plate with Katy’s head on it.

Simultaneously, Katy Perry also includes a release date. “Bon Appetit” will be released on Friday (28/4) future. “Compliments of the Chef: 4.28.17,” Katy writes as a description of the post.

Previously, Katy Perry has given a little hint by posting the best pie-making recipes in the world. In the recipe allegedly tucked a piece of lyrics to the song “Bon Appetit”.

In an interview, Katy Perry describes this song as sounding sexy. “I have one song called ‘Bon Appetit’ that I like, it’s very sexual,” she said.

Meanwhile, “Bon Appetit” itself will be the second single from Katy Perry’s newest album. In February, she has introduced her first song titled “Chained to the Rhythm”. After releasing some songs, Katy Perry’s new album predicted will also be circulating in the near future.

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