Listen to Collaborative Songs between Katy Perry and Migos ‘Bon Appetit’

Katy perry

After getting a lot of attention, Katy Perry finally released the second song from her new album. Entitled “Bon Appetit,” a 4 minutes track featured Katy’s collaboration with Migos’s hip hop trio. The song was successful in attracting music lovers because of the lyrics related to food.

Songs that have this beat-beat rhythm sound fun to the jig. In the lyrics, Katy likens herself to a delicious meal served by a five-star restaurant. “Looks like you’ve been starving, you’ve got those hungry eyes.” Cause your levels is not right, “he sang.

Elsewhere, Katy seems to tease her lover with sexually suggestive lyrics. “Cause I’m all that you want, boy.” Got me spread like a buffet Bon Appetit, baby Appetite for seduction Fresh out the oven Melt in your mouth kind of lovin ‘. Bon appetit, baby. ”

Before releasing the song, Katy Perry has given her a few hints to her fans. He uploaded a recipe “The Best Cherry Pie in the World.” But the upload invited a bit of controversy.

The reason, quoting Aceshowbiz, “Cherry Pie” has a certain connotation in the world of pop music. Let’s say, for the song “Cherry Pie” belonging to Warrant metal band that has a sense lead to the anatomy of a woman’s body.

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