Jaden Smith Will Form a Rock Band With His Sister

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is more determined to explore the world of music. He has just announced that he will be making a new rock band with his sister, Willow Smith.

Through his Twitter account, Jaden shares a preview of a new song. “This is a clip of the band I was pioneering,” Jaden wrote, before finally confirming that his band members include his younger sister Willow and his girlfriend, Odessa Adlon.

The tweet was uploaded after he said he would release a K-pop single. “Yeah, I’m going to launch a K-pop song in the next 4 months,” he wrote.

That’s not the first time Jaden showed interest in K-pop world. Looking back on his twitter account in December, he claimed to want to conquer the music genre in 2017. Not only that, he also mentioned G-Dragon as his inspiration after meeting him in Paris last year.

In addition to preparing for the debut of his new band, Jaden Smith is also busy with his father’s film production project. He will act as a Cara Delevingne lover in the romantic drama “Life In A Year”.

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