Adam Levine Menyanyikan Lagu Untuk Mengenang Christina Grimmie

A miserable tragedy occurred in 2016 that claimed the lives of a young singer, Christina Grimmie. A fan ends Christina’s life with a shot. Not satisfied with the action, he also ended his own life.

Almost a year already happened. Because of the love left behind during his lifetime, the late Christina gained homage from her family in The Voice.

On Tuesday night (25/4), the host of the show Carson Daly announced that Christina Grimmie Foundation will help the victims of weapons firing as well as breast cancer. Run by his parents and brother, Christina Grimmie’s family gets a warm welcome from Adam Levine who became his coach while still fighting in the arena of The Voice Season 6.

“Oh God, I love you, I’m talking to you (Christina Grimmie’s family), I’m talking to everyone, I miss him,” Adam said, wiping his tears.

“It’s not fair, he’s not here, we’re going to sing a song tonight and I’ll sing every word for him, to appreciate it, thank you for ever being here, Christina, we love you,” he explained.

Adam Levine then singing a song “Hey Jude” with three singers who guided in the event The Voice this season. On the occasion also released EP Christina Grimmie entitled SIDE B.

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